Jay Kordich
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The Father of Juicing
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Live Longer – Live Better
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Customers Are Saying

" I just want Jay to know how much I have appreciated the book he wrote—my first one died because I kept referring to it so many times. The pages kept falling out, so I finally bought another one! Over the last 20 years I have always bought the Juiceman’s Juicers they are and have been the best. I trust the products. I have recommended Jay’s Juicers and his book to all my friends. I am now 69 and moving closer by the minute to the next # but never learned how to count that high. So thank you Jay for all you have done for me in my life—past, present and future to help me live a healthier life."

G. Johnson,

Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the beautiful and clear message you have expressed thorough your life and bringing health to so many!"

- Marilyn J., Tucson AZ



Let's Help the Juiceman!


Jay Needs Our Help!

Jay has dedicated his life to teaching juicing for close to 70 years .....he is truly our only living Master Teacher of juicing our world has in this day of age! We need to take advantage of his wealth of knowledge and passion so we too can continue to achieve deep levels of wellness and vitality as well as share this knowledge with our loved ones.

Unfortunately, now close to the age of 93, Jay has been suffering to the point where he has had to move into an elder care facility to provide the level of care he requires due to the fact he can no longer stand up, walk or stabilize himself. In this video, I share our life with you, explaining the entire situation and plan to get Jay back on his feet so he can learn to walk again. Bringing him back home is the key.And you can help make this happen!



Linda Kordich and Jonathan Landsman Discuss How You Can Help





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