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The Father of Juicing
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" I just want Jay to know how much I have appreciated the book he wrote—my first one died because I kept referring to it so many times. The pages kept falling out, so I finally bought another one! Over the last 20 years I have always bought the Juiceman’s Juicers they are and have been the best. I trust the products. I have recommended Jay’s Juicers and his book to all my friends. I am now 69 and moving closer by the minute to the next # but never learned how to count that high. So thank you Jay for all you have done for me in my life—past, present and future to help me live a healthier life."

G. Johnson,

Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the beautiful and clear message you have expressed thorough your life and bringing health to so many!"

- Marilyn J., Tucson AZ



The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Chapters

The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Chapters

MSRP: $49.95
On Sale: $19.95


This product will be instantly delivered in digital format. You will be able to download and listen to the files upon final order payment confirmation. You MUST create a password when checking out to download the product.

The Jay Kordich Juicing and Nutrition Audio Library. This Complete Set of 12 chapters is designed to explain in detail the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. You will also learn specific juice combinations you can use that will help the body cleanse and repair itself.

You'll receive:

1. Introduction to Juicing
Length 22:40

Jay presents important and useful nutritional information and examines the problems of our modern American diet.
Preview Chapter 1: 

2. Jay's Personal Diet for Youthfulness and Disease-Free Living
Length 23:35

Step by step, Jay outlines his own everyday concept of eating and juicing.
Preview Chapter 2: 

3. Vegetable Juices and Protein Sources
Length 23:30

Jay examines each vegetable explaining both it's nutritional as well as disease-prevention quality. Also, juice recipes and a look at protein sources are included.
Preview Chapter 3: 

4. Vitamins and Minerals
Length 23:55

An in-depth look at almost every nutrient and it's importance to your body, including the juices that supply these nutrients.
Preview Chapter 4: 

5. Fruits and their Juices
Length 22:45

Jay examines each fruit explaining both it's nutritional as well as disease-prevention value. Also, many refreshing juice recipes.
Preview Chapter 5: 

6. Raising Children with Fresh Juices
Length 22:46

Jay relates his own personal experiences raising two young sons on fresh juices. He provides a juicing and eating plan for mothers during pregnancy and for their newborn children.
Preview Chapter 6: 

7. How to Lose Weight and Lower Cholesterol the All-Natural Way
Length 23:10

Quickly and permanently lose weight through a regimen of fresh juicing. Also, the absolute safest and fastest way to lower your cholesterol naturally by drinking just one glass of juice a day.
Preview Chapter 7: 

8. How to Prevent Colon Cancer and Keep Your Digestive System Healthy
Length 22:52

An introduction to the way our bodies process food. Also suggestions for protecting yourself against diseases of the digestive system.
Preview Chapter 8: 

9. Sexual Vitality into your 70s, 80s and 90s
Length 22:50

As a Senior Citizen himself, Jay relates his view on the aging process with specific juice combinations that can vitalize your body.
Preview Chapter 9: 

10. Strong Heart, Liver, Kidneys and Other Organs
Length 22:00

Jay discusses the interdependence of body organs and functions with specific juice recipes for keeping all internal organs as healthy as possible.
Preview Chapter 10: 

11. How to Boost Your Immune System with Fresh Juices for Disease Prevention
Length 23:32

Important information that can help build your resistance to disease through fresh juices.
Preview Chapter 11: 

12. Beautiful Healthy Skin and Hair Through Simple Juicing
Length 23:22

How to have that beautiful radiant glow from the inside out - the only true way to a healthy appearance.
Preview Chapter 12: 


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