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The Father of Juicing
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Live Longer – Live Better
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" I just want Jay to know how much I have appreciated the book he wrote—my first one died because I kept referring to it so many times. The pages kept falling out, so I finally bought another one! Over the last 20 years I have always bought the Juiceman’s Juicers they are and have been the best. I trust the products. I have recommended Jay’s Juicers and his book to all my friends. I am now 69 and moving closer by the minute to the next # but never learned how to count that high. So thank you Jay for all you have done for me in my life—past, present and future to help me live a healthier life."

G. Johnson,

Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the beautiful and clear message you have expressed thorough your life and bringing health to so many!"

- Marilyn J., Tucson AZ




Customer Service Questions:

Do you have juicer instruction manuals online and available for download?
What is your returns policy?

Nutrition Related Questions:

What does Live Foods - Live Bodies mean?
Should we consume vitamins, if we are eating mostly living foods?
Why are greens so vital to our good health?
You speak about the 75/25 principle. What does that mean?
What do I do when my spouse will not join the program with me?
When I am on this lifestyle program, what do I do when I'm at a restaurant?
There are some ingredients in your recipe section that sound intimidating. What can I do about this?
Jay, why is juicing so important?
Can bottled juices give us the same experience?
What is the difference between blending and juicing?

Customer Service:


Do you have juicer instruction manuals online and available for download?
Yes we do. Click on the links below to download.

What is your returns policy?
If you are not satisfied with your Jay Kordich/Live Food, Live Bodies(LFLB) product purchase you can return it with in 30 days of your purchase date. You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), to return or exchange any product.

To request an RMA number, you must email us at customerservice@jaykordich.com or call 800 279-2507, during our Regular Business Hours, 9am-5pm PST. Monday-Thursday. Returns without a valid RMA will not be accepted. RMA numbers expire within the lesser of 15 days from date of issuance or 30 days from your original item invoice date. Returns must be shipped in their original packaging in a clean condition. A $30 cleaning fee will apply if the juicer is not clean. If any parts are missing, charges will apply accordingly.

In the case of a defective unit, we will gladly email you a return shipping label. We strongly urge you to read the manual and watch the instructional DVD prior to requesting a return shipping label. In the event the juicer is not defective, you will be charged the total amount of the return shipping label.

Live Food, Live Bodies, LLC disclaims all liability for products returned without a valid RMA number, as well as for all products returned without proper authorization for return pursuant to the RMA. You hereby waive any claims for damage or loss as a result of your unauthorized return of products to LFLB.

Please include a copy of your original invoice inside the package with the item returned circled. Items must be returned complete, unaltered, and with original product materials and packaging for full refund and to prevent the possibility of additional return fees or possible rejection of the product.

You will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during return shipping unless otherwise specifically provided by LFLB. LFLB recommends that you (1) use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns and (2) either insure your package for safe return or declare the full value of the shipment so that you are protected if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit.

LFLB reserves the right to assess up to a 15% restocking fee on all returns and exchanges. Shipping fees are not refundable. At LFLB's discretion, credit for partial returns may be less than invoice due to reversal of special pricing discounts from qualifying bundle, instant rebate, coupon or other promotional pricing from either LFLB or its affiliates and partners.

LFLB reserves the right to refuse a return, should any of the components be missing from the return shipment. If LFLB accepts a return with missing components, LFLB further reserves the right to assess the customer replacement fees for those components missing, as per fair market value.


All transactions, including returns, refunds and exchanges are performed in USD currency.

Jay Kordich cannot guarantee Live Food Live Bodies products purchased from any non-authorized retailers. Refunds, returns or warranties will not be honored from these non-authorized retailers.

Exchanges: Exchanges may be made within 14 days only if the product has not been used and no food has come in contact with it. If after receiving a product and determining it will not meet your needs, you may exchange the item for another item we stock. We will give you full credit towards the purchase of another item. The shipping charges will not be refunded, and you will be responsible for shipping charges of the new item.

Important Information On Order Cancellations: In order to provide the best customer service possible, Live Foods Live Bodies ships orders from our distribution facility 3 times daily. This makes canceling an order not possible. Should you place an order and decide you will not be keeping your products, please follow our return procedures as noted above.

All Juice Machines sold by Live Foods Live Bodies are meant for consumer use only. They are not intended to be used commercially or for out of the home uses. Doing such voids all warranties.



What does Live Foods - Live Bodies mean?
Live Foods - Live Bodies means exactly what it says. When you consume live foods, meaning foods that have been left alone in their perfect state, then you body will feel alive. When you cook, or devitalize your foods by either overcooking, altering them with packaging, or eating animal products, this is called dead foods, or devitalized foods. These devitalized foods create a tired body. This is why we call our program Live Foods - Live Bodies. When you consume living foods such as juices, salads, fruits and raw vegetables, then your body is consuming and assimilating foods which are in their perfect state — alive and full of enzymes, the energy givers. So this is why I have said for over 55 years, "live foods - live bodies." When you are alive and vibrant, most likely you are consuming at least 75% of our diet in vital, raw form. Perfectly sun baked foods. That's what living foods are all about.

Should we consume vitamins, if we are eating mostly living foods?
Most of us are really behind in our vitamin-enzyme-mineral-antioxidant-colored foods bank account, so to speak. We personally consume only food based vitamins, enzymes and nutritional supplements. There is a big difference when one consumes laboratory arranged and designed vitamins and minerals. These are generally incompatible with the human digestive system and are poorly assimilated. Also, in my opinion, they are possibly a burden to the health you already possess. Our book, "Live Foods - Live Bodies" offers more information about this subject.

Why are greens so vital to our good health?
Greens are the most important foods we can consume on this planet. There is not a food more perfect than greens. Greens, are all edible green foods such as spinach, parsley, kale, wheat grass, chard, alfalfa, fungus free algae, barley greens, and such.Most of us just don't have time. As Americans, we are overworked, too driven, and over stressed to a point where we no longer know what real, relaxing, unencumbered real living can be like. We need to slow down enough to get these vital greens into our diets on a daily basis.

You speak about the 75/25 principle. What does that mean?
It basically means that most of our foods should be living, raw, unadulterated, sun baked foods. Then the other 25% can be in either soups, sprouted grains, legumes or steamed vegetables. In our book, "Live Foods - Live Bodies" we have an instructional diagram of these food groups that's easy to follow. Also, we eat more cooked foods in the fall and wintertime. Unless you live in a very warm area, where the temperature does not fall below 45 degrees throughout the year, you should be consuming warmer foods in the fall and winter, then more living foods in the spring and summer.

What do I do when my spouse will not join the program with me?
That's kind of challenging, but do not worry. Find a friend to join with you, or even one of your children. If this is impossible, then keep your mind focused, as best you can, on the following:

  • Information to help support your new lifestyle.
  • Inspiring people on web sites
  • Books to keep your mind and heart lifted
  • Go to your house of worship to keep connected to God, and pray every single night before you retire.
  • Get up with a prayer to keep you on the right track.
  • Spend 30 minutes in the sun everyday, if you can.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday, even if it's just walking. That will really help.

When I am on this lifestyle program, what do I do when I'm at a restaurant?
Don't let restaurants dictate their poor menu choices to you. If you ask nicely, which is always a good thing, you can create your own Living Foods 75/25 Principle in most restaurants. Yes, even at Burger King or McDonald's now. It seems unbelievable, but now you can order salads in these once disastrous fast food places. Just remember the following:

  • Take a small container with you when you are going out to a restaurant. Add the following: extra virgin olive oil, mixed with either lemon and Bragg's (see our book, "Live Foods - Live Bodies" for more ideas) or extra virgin olive oil with organic apple cider vinegar. Substitute this dressing for any kind of dressing the restaurants give you. The oils are toxic! Plus, they are fat-ridden, and unhealthy for you.
  • Order a large salad with no animal products on it, and ask them to substitute either grated veggies or steamed veggies on top.
  • If you are really hungry, ask for some brown rice or basmati rice on the side, and make sure they do not use chicken fat in the rice, which is common. If they do, then ask for a baked potato with onions on top. You can use some of your salad dressing on top instead of butter. But if you have to use butter, it's acceptable, considering the fact, almost your entire meal is devoid of animal origin, and almost entirely living. You can find many more suggestions in our book, "Live Foods - Live Bodies."

There are some ingredients in your recipe section that sound intimidating. What can I do about this?
First let me say, I truly understand. Even though my wife is an expert in natural foods, she became a bit intimidated when our son John fell in love with his girl friend Cheryl a few years ago. She is from Taiwan, and has only lived in the United States for a few years. Linda wanted to learn how to create miso soups and more Asian foods that could still support our 75/25 Principle. This was a bit intimidating! These things take time, effort and patience. This is our suggestion to you. Take these things slowly. However, there are five changes you can make right now which will really positively impact your future health:

  • Change your oils immediately (see our book for best oil choices)
  • Change salt to sea salt/Celtic salts
  • Change soy sauce to Braggs amino acids
  • Change regular produce to organic
  • Dump all sodas and milk for either soy or rice milk and sodas (all sodas) to fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

Jay, why is juicing so important?
Juicing is the most important thing you can do for yourself nutritionally, but this is my personal opinion only, and some of that has transformed a bit since so many more new discoveries such as super-foods and super-berries coming to the forefront. Notwithstanding we can juice these super-foods and super-berries as well, but they are hard to find, so supplementing your juicing regime with these new food supplements is something we do now. As long as it comes from Mother Nature, I'm game for anything that keeps me youthful and full of energy, as juicing has been doing for me for the past sixty plus years. Just remember this: When you eat, the body takes approximately one and a half days to totally process the food, depending on what you are eating. If it is animal based, it takes longer, and if it's raw, then it shouldn't take more than 17 or so hours to evacuate out of your system in a bowel movement. If the body is working to perfection, the best it will do is extract 10% of the juice from the plant fiber. The other 90% is still locked in the fiber of the foods we are eating, which is evacuated out of the body. When you juice, almost 100% of the nutrients enter your bloodstream very quickly, and your body does a minimal amount of digestive work.

Can bottled juices give us the same experience?
Everything in a can or bottle is sterile or dead, meaning the natural enzymes are gone, as they die through a process called oxidation. At the present time, there is a federal law that prohibits manufacturers from selling fresh juices without having to go through a processor such as flash pasteurization or full pasteurization which kills all the benefit.

What is the difference between blending and juicing?
A juicer separates the liquid from the pulp. Fiber is very important, but it is the juice that nourishes our cells. A blender is designed liquefy all that is placed in it by chopping it up at high speeds. It may liquefy, but the nutrients are still not liberated.



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